Cardboard boxes and sheets

We offer boxes and sheets manufactured of three- and five-layered corrugated cardboard. The customer can choose between 38 cardboards with different quality and finishing. The boxes available for order are either brown or white and with an imprint.

In case of three-layered cardboard boxes, C and B waves are most often used. C wave is a usual, quite widespread and traditional material for transport boxes. B wave is suitable for manufacturing boxes intended for carrying lighter goods.

In case of a five-layered corrugated cardboard, different cardboard types are used. BC and EC cardboards are the most commonly used types. For instance, in case of EC cardboard, the cardboard with E wave is on the outer side of the box, giving the box a high-quality look. Images with good quality can also be printed on the cardboard with E wave. The C wave gives strength to the box.

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