Fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines

We are an Estonian representative of ROBOPAC SISTEM, a world leading manufacturer of pallet stretch wrapping machines, who produces approximately 1,000 stretch wrapping systems a year. ROBOPAC SISTEMI is certified with ISO 9001 certificate since 2003.

ROBOPAC SISTEMI was established in 1987 and is now a part of AETNA group. AETNA group also includes ROBOPAC SPA — fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines, box taping machines, orbital stretch wrapping machines, DIMAC — automatic cartoning machines and PRASMATIC — fully automatic wrap around stretch wrapping lines mainly for beverages industry.

Genesis Cube

Genesis HS


Robopac general

Rotoplat 3000-3000HD

Fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines are divided into the following product groups:

  • Pallet stretch wrapping machines with turntable — ROTOPLAT 3000
  • Stretch wrapping machines with rotating arm — HELIX
  • Stretch wrapping machines with rotating ring — GENESIS
  • All machines can be equipped with a top film installation device and top pressing device.

Technoplat 3000



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