Manual plastic strap sealing devices

We are the dealer of manual sealing devices of Orgapack GmBH (ORGAPACK Strapex Group), a world famous Swiss manufacturer. Our product range includes electrical manual sealing devices with different capacities and combined devices for different types of strappings.

We offer the manual sealing devices of Orgapack from Switzerland in order to fix or attach goods and boxes with PP or PET strappings to the pallets. Orgapack has been active in the field of packaging devices since 1925 and has now reached the position of the market leader.

Long-term experience, orientation to the needs of the customer, innovation and efficient quality control ensure the reliable operation of Orgapack manual sealing devices.

Depending on the dimensions and weight of the cargo and the type and dimensions of the used strapping, a customer can choose between sealing devices with different tensile force. An overview of Orgapack sealing devices and their suitability can be found in the adjacent pictures.

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