Plastic strapping

Plastic strapping as a packaging material is widely used in different industrial sectors for sealing products and boxes (PP strappings), fixing goods on pallets and packing sawn material in sawmill industry (PET strappings). PP strapping is with a smaller longitudinal tensile strength and is most suitable for packing lighter goods.

Due to the properties of the material, PET strappings are with stronger tensile strength and are thus used for packing heavier goods. Fibre strapping is the softest of the strapping materials and is mainly used in waste crushers.

The selection of the specific parameters of the strapping depends on the peculiarities of the goods to be packed, its weight and the existing packing machine.

Our selection of plastic strapping includes the following materials:

  • polypropylene plastic strappings (PP strappings)
  • polyester plastic strappings (PET strappings)
  • fibre strappings

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