Polypropylene film

Thanks to its versatile properties, polypropylene film (BOPP, CPP) is increasingly used as a packaging material all over the world. The film is extremely transparent, strong and stiff and has good welding properties. The material has several fields of application but it is mostly used in food and printing industry.

In printing industry this film is mainly used for packing magazines and other printed material (the film packages of magazines), CD and DVD discs. The food industry uses it to wrap candy boxes, bakery and pasta products, ice cream, chips, etc. The film can be printed on and it offers several ways for adding the necessary barriers in food industry. The film is available metallised, pearl white and perforated.

The type and thickness of the used film type depends on the peculiarities of the products and the characteristics of the packing machine. Our product range includes films with thicknesses of 15–60 mk. Available for order in a one-layer roll as well as in halftube.

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