Semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines

We are the sole representative of the world’s largest pallet stretch wrapping machine manufacturers ROBOPAC, who manufactures approximately 5,000 pallet wrapping machines a year and is represented in almost every country. ROBOPAC SPA is certified with ISO 9001 certificate since 1997. The company currently employs more than 400 people and has produced and sold for over 100,000 machines.

ROBOPAC SPA was established in 1982 and is now a part of AETNA group. In addition to Robopac, AETNA group also includes ROBOPAC SISTEM — fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines, DIMAC — automatic cartoning machines and PRASMATIC — fully automatic wrap around stretch wrapping lines mainly for beverages industry.

Robopac general

Pallet stretch wrapping machines can generally be divided into the following product groups:

  • Autonomous stretch wrapping machines — ROBOT MASTER and — ROBOT S6
  • Stretch wrapping machines with rotating arm — ROTOWRAP
  • Stretch wrapping machines with turntable — ECOPLAT, ROTOPLAT
  • Fully automatic in-line pallet stretch wrapping machine — TEHNOPLAT 3000


Robot Master

Robot S6





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